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Why are my some of my links not getting indexed?

Question: Why are my some of my links not getting indexed?

This is a good question and a question that requires a detailed answer for you to get the most out of Index Nuke. It’s important to remember that SEO has changed dramatically over the last few years and what worked then simply does not cut the mustard now. Generating 1000’s of profile links, poorly spun Web 2.0 sites or sites on low quality domains are pretty worthless and very difficult to Index these days no-matter what you throw at them. Any provider that says they can index any link are simply lying to you. However, even if Index Nuke cannot index your backlink it will attempt to ‘Boost’ them and ensure that they at least get crawled. We prefer to be honest so here are several reasons why your links are not getting indexed: –

1) The page returns a 404 status code – The content that you created has probably been removed by the site Web master or the page was not created properly.

2) The page returns a 301 or 302 status code – The page that you thought you had created has been redirected. This may have been done because the page has been removed and is now redirecting to the main site or some other sub-page.

3) The page returns some other status code such as 500 – The server is probably experiencing problems or off-line and your content is unavailable to Google until the issues are fixed.

4) Poorly spun content – Believe it or not, some people barely spin their content. I’ve seen links being built on mass with a uniqueness of 1-2%. You may get one of these pages indexed but you can pretty much forget the rest. Come on guys, don’t be lazy here. Keep your uniqueness at at least 60-70%.

5) Forum & Web 2.0 profiles – If you are expecting to index 1000’s of forum profiles with a poorly spun single sentence bio think again. If you really must uses these types of links then choose decent sites AND spin at least a couple of paragraphs for the BIO and keep the uniqueness at a minimum of 60-70%.

6) The page has the dreaded ‘noindex’ meta tag. This page will not get indexed period. Check the underlying HTML code and check for this if you are unsure.

7) The page is blocked from within robots.txt – If your link will not get indexed, try checking the robot.txt file to see if the page is blocked.

8) The site has been de-indexed – If links on a particular site never seems to get indexed, check to see if the main domain has been de-indexed by using in Google.

Remember, Index Nuke is only a tool to assit you and it cannot work miracles and index links that Goggle refuses to index. Take the above steps and you will increase your indexing rates 10-fold.

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