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BLACK FRIDAY 50% Off Discount

Hey Guys, We have been busy updating our powerful Backlink Indexer over the last few weeks and we have decided to offer an early (and extended) BLACK FRIDAY discount. That’s right, we’re offering 50% off both PRO and PLATINUM versions of Index Nuke (that also means you can get PLATINUM LIFETIME for $148 instead of $297). […]

Version 1.4.0 Released

Version 1.4.0 Released Updated BRUTE FORCE Modules (Software) 3rd Party Indexer API’s added Dynamic data file update functions added Improved file handling + bug fixes Bug fixes

301 Nuke Version 2.7 Released

Good news! Yesterday we released an update to 301 Nuke. This update includes a fresh database of 301 redirect targets and an updated submission engine (more live 301’s after each submission. Make sure you grab a copy if you haven’t already!

Version 1.3.3 Released

Version 1.3.3 has been released today which includes Edit Buttons for the Keywords and URL’s fields which allows you to edit the data within a larger separate window. This update also includes improvements to the indexing and brute force modules and several bug fixes.

301 Nuke Version 2.3 Released

Hey guys, as you know the Index Nuke team are also the developers behind the successful 301 Nuke software. Yesterday we released a big update to the software (V2.3) which includes a fresh database of ‘301 Targets’, updated UI and a re-written submission engine. Current users of of 301 Nuke will be upgraded automatically when the software […]

Here’s why Google won’t index your site…

I’ve seen so many questions such as ‘Why won’t Google index my site?’ and statements such as ‘Google won’t index my site and I’ve tried everything!’ and yet sometimes the very simple checks that should have happened have never been done. I’ll tell you the 3 most common mistakes people are making and why Google is […]

How easy is it to use Index Nuke?

Index Nuke is a very powerful yet extremely easy to use Backlink Indexer. Here are the steps and a few tips to add a campaign. Steps to add a new campaign: – 1) Add list of URL’s (Separated by New line) 2) Add keywords (unlimited keywords separated by a comma or new line) 3) Select […]

Can I rank a new domain quickly?

Can I rank a new domain quickly? This is a question I hear asked on all the SEO forums and I have a very quick answer to this. NO. You may have been able to do this 3 or 4 years ago but from my own experience and from what I hear from others this […]

Website Indexing in just 30 minutes – TEST!

So, you have a new website and you want it indexing RIGHT NOW! I appreciate your frustration because whats the point of building a brand new website if it’s not even indexed in Google? That’s why the Index Nuke team decided to test a brand new domain with just one line of content on the […]

How long does it take to index a backlink?

This is a question I get asked all the time and there are so many factors to take into consideration before the question can be answered properly. There are many types of backlinks and they are not all made equal. For example, if you some how manged to publish a blog post with a link […]

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