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BIG UPDATE! Version 2.0 coming later in 2024! Buy now and lock in the price to receive the free upgrade. Thank you to all the 1000's of customers so far!

Index Nuke
Index Nuke
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Why choose Index Nuke over other Backlink Indexers?

Not all Backlink Indexers are made equal. Discover why you should add Index Nuke to your SEO Toolbox and choose Index Nuke as a replacement / Addition to your current Backlink Indexer software or Service.

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Index Nuke comes in two powerful flavors. Our PRO version includes desktop software which runs on your computer or VPS. PRO allows unlimited campaigns each with up to 10K backlinks. Our PLATINUM version not only utilizes the power of the PRO desktop software, each campaign once complete can also be PUSHED to our High End servers in the CLOUD to continue the Indexing process.

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Index Nuke exploits BRUTE FORCE technology to index your backlinks. Not only do we do the usual RSS, PINGING and SITEMAP techniques other Backlink Indexers perform we also use additional 'BRUTE FORCE' routines to ensure your backlinks get every chance to be indexed by the Search Engines. We also uses INTELIMAPS (intelligent Sitemaps) and 301 Redirects.

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We have invested heavily in our CLOUD based servers. Our PLATINUM version allows each campaign to be PUSHED to our High End SSD Servers in the CLOUD to continue the Indexing Process. Our CLOUD based BRUTE FORCE modules have been designed for maximum indexing. Our servers are powerful and can process MILLIONS of links. PLATINUM allows you to PUSH UNLIMITED Links to Index Nuke Cloud per day.

BRUTE FORCE your Backlinks into submission with the power of
Desktop Software + Cloud Hybrid.

Index Nuke is a very powerful Backlink Indexer. In its simplest form (PRO) it can easily compete with all of its competitors and in most cases beat them. Index Nuke PLATINUM takes the indexing process many steps further using BRUTE FORCE indexing modules in the CLOUD. The desktop software uses its own built in indexing and BRUTE FORCE routines and then passes the backlinks to Index Nuke Cloud to further BRUTE FORCE the links. Our powerful Cloud servers also perform Link Boost routines on each link for maximum indexing. PLATINUM also uses the power of our privately owned network of high DA domains for the sitemaps and other indexing modules. Both versions also use what we call INTELIMAPS (Intelligent Sitemaps) including many other custom technologies that we have used for our own indexing projects over the years. Index Nuke is a stress-free SEO tool to help you keep one step ahead of you competitors.

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Compare Versions to See Which is Best for You.

Index Nuke PRO is a standalone, self-contained application with no monthly recurring fees. Index Nuke PLATINUM uses the same standalone application but allows the option to send your campaigns to our powerful Index Nuke Cloud for further processing after being processed by the software's own indexing routines.

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  • ? Campaigns are managed through Desktop Software Desktop Software
  • ? Maximum number of devices you can run Index Nuke on Maximum Activations
  • ? Unlimited Campaigns (Run upto 10 Concurrently - 10K backlinks each) Unlimited Campaigns (10 Concurrently)
  • ? Choose to index your links over a period of 30 days Drip Schedule
  • ? We ping each link individually multiple times LINK PING Module
  • ? We use INTELIMAPS (intelligent Sitemaps) to fool the Search Engines (Custom Technology) Intelligent SITEMAP Module
  • ? We use intelligent RSS Feeds to fool the search engines (Custom Technology) Intelligent RSS FEED Module
  • ? We use intelligent 301 Redirects to fool the Search Engines (Custom Technology) Intelligent 301 REDIRECT Module
  • ? We BRUTE FORCE each individual link using our custom 'BRUTE FORCE' technology BRUTE FORCE Modules
  • ? Integrate other 3rd Party Indexers into Index Nuke to maximize indexing rates even further 3rd Party API Integration
  • ? Our High End SSD CLOUD servers further BRUTE FORCE your backlinks until they are indexed (UNLIMITED LINKS) Index Nuke Cloud
  •    ? We further BRUTE FORCE each individual link using our powerful CLOUD based 'BRUTE FORCE' modules. We currently have 10 powerful modules Cloud BRUTE FORCE Modules
  •    ? Intelligent Sitemaps created and distributed to our network of over 600 privately owned High DA domains SITE MAP Distribution Module
  •    ? Our servers use powerful routines which 'Power Up' each individual link Powerful LINK BOOST Module
  •    ? Extremely powerful 301 Redirect module that runs on our fast servers. This module builds 301 Tiers to each link. Uses a database of over 1000 domains Powerful 301 REDIRECT TIER Module
  •    ? We perform a 'Second Pass' on each of your links after 24 hours and run them through all of our CLOUD Indexer modules for a second time REBOOST Module


$ 77 37 One-Time Payment

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PLATINUM (Desktop Software + CLOUD)

$ 77 37 + $15.97 $7.97 per month

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See What Our Customers are Saying About Index Nuke!

We are proud and stand by our software but it's always good to read about other people's opinions. Here are just a few of our happy customers.

Index Nuke
Index Nuke
Rated 4.9/5 based on 4891 reviews

I have been lucky to get in early and test this product right from it's first private release over 6 months ago. I've used pretty much every Backlink Indexer 'out there' but nothing even comes close to Index Nuke. I am a heavy GSA SER user and own a private blog network for my clients. Whenever I create a campaign within SER or add a new blog post to my site network I whack them straight into Index Nuke and then simply move onto the next task at hand. I have only great things to say about it. Well done guys!

Backlink Indexer

Scott Harris

SEO Consultant (UK)

Having been one of the very first people to test the ALPHA release of Index Nuke a few months ago I can honestly say it's been an asset to my business. I own a portfolio of Affiliate based websites and a very popular community style website. I am constantly building links to my sites using GSA SER & ScrapeBox to name just a few. Index Nuke really comes into it's own when I need to index these types of links. I will definitely be a lifetime customer as it looks like Index Nuke will be around for a long time.

Backlink Indexer

Matt Pearson

Affiliate Marketer (Australia)