FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should I choose Index Nuke?

Index Nuke is a very powerful Backlink Indexer. In its simplest form (PRO) it can easily compete will all of its competitors and in most cases beat them. Index Nuke PLATINUM takes the indexing process many steps further using BRUTE FORCE indexing modules in the CLOUD. The desktop software uses its own built in indexing and BRUTE FORCE routines and then passes the backlinks to Index Nuke Cloud to further BRUTE FORCE the links. Effectively you are gaining 500%+ the indexing power of an already powerful piece of software. PLATINUM also uses the power of our privately owned network of high DA sites for the sitemaps and other indexing modules. Both versions also use what we call INTELIMAPS (Intelligent Sitemaps) and many other besoke technologies that we have used for our own indexing projects over the years. We are confident that our indexing technology far surpasses that of our competitors.

Where is my license key?

When you first purchase Index Nuke you will receive an email containing your license key. This will be a seperate email from your purchase email from ClickBank. If you have not received your license key then please check your SPAM folder otherwise please raise a Support Ticket.

Why are some of my links are not indexing?

Please allow 3 - 5 days for Google to index your links. Google has slowed down indexing in general but Index Nuke is currently indexing at a rate 30 - 40% higher than other indexers on quality links. Please bare in mind that low quality links with little content such as Web 2.0 & forum profiles do not index well. Please try to keep your spin percentage above 60% for effective indexing.

Why is Index Nuke not opening when I click on it?

Index Nuke uses .NET Framework. Please ensure that you have at least version 4.5 installed on your system. .NET Framework can be downloaded from the link below: -